Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Templates?

Templates are prompts engineered to help you build your perfect plan or content. For example there is a "Blog Ideas" template, that is built for "Article/blog ideas that you can use to generate more traffic, leads, and sales for your business."

There are over 45 templates currently to choose from to help you utilize Ai to it's fullest.

How are the AI images created?

The AI image generation is powered by Stable Diffusion.
Which is a deep learning, text-to-image model.
Example of a prompt for AI Image creation would be
"medium shot side profile portrait photo of the Petr Klima, forward position hockey player for the Detroit Red Wings in 1983, red and white red wings jersy, jofa helmet, 50mm portrait, photography, hard rim lighting photography –ar 2:3"

"ar" for aspect ratio

How does the AI chat work?

Each expert has an engineered prompt to tell ChatGPT what you're expecting of the conversation with who you'd be chatting with. There are multiple experts in their own respective fields ready to give  you advice ranging from SEO Specialist, to Life Coach.

What can I do with the AI Code feature?

You can ask for code to be written, that's right, javascript, php, python, you prompt the AI Code generator with what you're trying to build and you'll be provided code for it.


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